Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Weeks (o:

Happy two weeks birthday, Isaac!

In two weeks, you've shown us that you are even more amazing than we anticipated. You are alert and happy and healthy. You manage to sleep well (well enough, that is) at night and eat well enough to be well past your birth weight already. You have the world's most beautiful eyes. You keep mommy and daddy surprised. Your mommy and daddy can't stop laughing at how cute you are and at how funny your facial expressions are. Sometimes we even laugh because the way you are crying is cute. (Who would have guessed we'd do that?!) You've made it to Walmart and back. Twice. You've made it through a whole package of diapers. Twice. And today you took your first bottle of breastmilk like a champ! You smile all the time. I swear they are real smiles too. You pooped and peed all over daddy at your photography session (thanks for only getting a tiny spot on mommy!). By the way - the photographer was quite impressed with your behavior that day, saying you were "the best newborn session, I swear!" You rock. You slept through church like a rockstar! You also slept through praise team and choir practice so mommy and daddy could sing. You fall asleep in the carseat almost immediately. You let mommy cut your nails with relative ease (I only very slightly nipped one!). You single-handedly have taken over our lives. You have a 100% success rate of making it worth getting up each time at night with you. You make us feel like we did something very right. You make us feel proud. You help us to better understand the kind of love our parents have for us. You help us understand God's love better. And you look cute doing it. You have the ability to make mommy cry with joy just by thinking about you. You are a miracle. And we love you so so so so much. <3

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