Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer 2012

 The summer of 2012.... this will be a summer to really remember! Much has happened and we are delighted about all of it! 

Starting back in March/April, Daniel and I had been feeling like something big was going to happen... or if nothing big happened we'd go crazy! Life was getting monotonous and we felt like things were slightly out of place - like WE were slightly out of place. We were definitely anxious for the next big thing in life. Thus began long pillow talk discussions, whining sessions, prayers for direction and guidance, and drudging through many days wondering why we were doing what we were doing. I can see now why God had those feelings in our hearts - it was time for a change - and he was preparing us for more than one change!

Not long at all after Dan and I took the leap of "not trying not to," we discovered we.... were going to have a baby! On April 26th, I surprised Dan after breakfast with a positive pregnancy test and hugs and tears and shaking. (o: We were so excited, but so nervous! After all, nothing else in our lives was REALLY ready for a baby - just our emotional state and our anxiousness for something new. But God knew what was going to happen next, and now that we had taken that leap of faith -things were going to fall into place. 

Dan and I knew that even though our finances were not terrible or impossible with the baby on the way- we needed to look for a full time position somewhere. I was working at a daycare and things were going well, but Dan was juggling two part time jobs in order to bring home the bacon. Three jobs was nice (especially in a time when it was hard to even get one!) but one full time one that could support us in the same way sounded more practical and less stressful. Out went the applications and the resumes and up went the prayers. 

All of a sudden, Dan had two interviews - both sounded great and were exactly what we were looking for (maybe even better than what we were hoping for!). Youngsville FMC was looking for a full time associate pastor and so was Panama UMC. We were elated with the fact that both churches were within 30 minutes of both of our families - we would be so thrilled to move close to our hometown again, especially with a new baby coming.

Youngsville interviewed us and everything went great - what a wonderful feeling we had about it! Then Panama interviewed Dan and it too went extremely well (Dan later told me, "that was the best interview I've EVER had!"). Panama contacted Dan for a second interview shortly after, explaining that he was one of the final two in the selection process and that the church would need someone to start very soon. We went to the interview and were met with an overwhelming sense of welcome and calm and honestly- it felt like we fit right in. Sure enough, God wanted us there - because less than a week later Dan was accepting the job offer. 

Panama UMC has felt like home ever since we started on July 8th! God is good!

Sadly, moving away from Rochester has meant that we have left some wonderful friends and coworkers behind. We miss the city very much, but realize that there really isn't anything better than being here where God has called us (and SO CLOSE to family!). We are truly blessed.

This August has also been exciting already. The 1st was our third wedding anniversary. We made the trip to Niagara Falls - somewhere neither of us ever remembers being at before. Here are some pictures from our fun and special trip:

And that little baby on the way??? Well. Yesterday we found out... it's a BOY!!!!!!

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  1. WyonaWevers WeversAugust 8, 2012 at 11:50 AM

    Just read your blog in the car on our way back from Philadelphia and our family reunion in Tennessee. We do serve an awesome God, don't we? So happy you chose Panama or should I say, God placed you in Panama? Blessings to you both and baby......."..