Monday, August 20, 2012

Lists and Listlessness

It has been hard for me to stay patient lately....

1. Living with my in-laws for the past month and a half has truly been a blessing, but not a day goes by without me thinking about and dreaming about moving into a new place of our own. I feel an overwhelming need to get into the house that the church wants to provide for us and start getting it fixed up and ready! Call it nesting, call it normal wifely responsibility calling - I call it... hard to wait for!

2. School. I am in my last semester of my Master's degree. PTL!!! However, these last few weeks seem to be passing more slowly than ever! October 9th cannot come fast enough! I'm very anxious to be done and to feel like I can move on to the next thing- maybe even a stay-at-home position that is related to my degree in Instructional Tech and Design? I've been communicating on and off with a few people who may have something available for me to do from home - how great would that be with the baby on the way?

3. Speaking of babies... I'm BARELY over the half-way point in my pregnancy, but I already want him to be here!!!! Nevermind that we aren't settled in anywhere... nevermind that I don't have most of the required supplies yet... nevermind that I'm still busy with school and getting into Dan's new position at the church.... I simply can't wait to hold him and see Dan snuggling him!

Planning and wishing has been helping with all these things. You know me- I'm a crazy list person. So I'm listing everything that needs to be done today and listing everything we will need for the baby and listing things that I plan to tackle once we (hopefully) move into the house and listing all the homework I still have left to do and listing.... just about everything possible. My baby registry is all set. I can't think of anything I still need to put on it! My plans for how I hope to tackle the house remodeling are pretty set. And we don't even know for sure what is happening with that yet! My plans for doing homework include: filling up most of my spare time lately (which, there has been quite a bit of it) with finishing homework and doing it very well. But who wants to do homework with all their spare time? Not this lady.

It's just a time of waiting for me right now. God is using this time to stretch me and draw me to Him. I need to let go of worry and anxiousness and just be still. After all- in a short time I'll be extremely busy again and wishing I had all this spare time!

I leave you with another list. Of good waiting-for-baby thoughts!

 BabyFruit Ticker
1. Our baby is the size of a banana. (o:

2. Here's our baby website - check it out! There are some great sonogram pictures on there!

3. I'm feeling him move every day now!

4. I'm 21 weeks and 1 day into the pregnancy - over halfway done (o:

5. I have slowed down my sick days to about one every 2 weeks now (yayyy!!!!!)

6. Baby weighs almost a pound already - but he's starting to pack it on from here on out!

7. Baby is a boy! And we are so excited because he will have several boy cousins his age when he arrives!

8. I have new maternity clothes coming in the mail soon. (o:

9. I have four baby showers coming up!!!! FOUR! It's going to be so much fun!

10. Every day I see Dan becoming more and more of the wonderful father I always knew he would be. I love you, hubby!

Just thought of something else I'm anxious for.... autumn!!!! That will be another post....

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  1. Love it Steph! We will keep praying for your housing to come through. Family is wonderful to stay with, but having your "home" is such a good feeling! So excited to meet your new little one when he arrives. Just wait until your belly starts bulging from side to side with every move he makes: AWESOME! Lots of love - Paula :)