Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Very Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!

Praise God for a wonderful holiday season spent with family and friends!
December flew by without even letting me blink, and now we're already on day 5 of January. What?!

A little update on life with the Landins:
This month I am going full time at my job - I'll be in the same classroom at the daycare that I've always been in, but now I'll be there for a full day instead of my normal 6 hours. My class is almost all brand new - lots of girls! They are all 20 months and younger - cuties.

Dan is working hard with the youth group - we have a winter retreat coming up this month, among other fun events. Please pray for the youth to be open to the Spirit's calling. (o:
Dan is also working hard at Ace. In December we had a great time attending the Ace Christmas party! Got all dressed up, ate some fabulous food, and enjoyed an evening of games at the Hyatt hotel.

I've got some pictures to share (finally!) of all the siblings. These served as several of our Christmas gifts this year.

School has been going well for me, and Dan is anxiously awaiting his new semester which begins on the 16th. We look forward to having Matt and April come up for a visit this month, and we also can't wait to spend time with Brad and Linnea in a few weeks. Moms and Dads are ALWAYS welcome to come spend a night or two! (Same goes for sisters!)

January is looking pretty good! (o:

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