Sunday, September 11, 2011

Autumn Awesomeness

September is here... and so is my craving for all things autumn!!!

I love fall:
1. Cool, crisp air
2. Yummy fall produce (apples, pumpkins, squash!)
3. Football season
4. My birthday! (duh!)
5. Oranges and reds and yellows
6. A fresh change of seasons and the smell of new school supplies

So I know it technically is still summer, but I had to do something to hold myself over. Therefore I promptly lit my pumpkin spice candle and got busy making a yummy apple pie! Here's the final result:

This fall I will be insanely busy. On Sept. 21st I'll begin my masters degree online. I know just about as much as you do about how that will go- I'm kinda nervous about taking classes, let alone an entire degree program online! Good thing there is a five-week trial period for me to try it out cost-free. I will also be working at least 25 hours a week at the daycare (just started two weeks ago!) and we'll see if I can handle my normal 10 hours a week at the YMCA on top of that! Prayers and cookie care packages are appreciated. Hehe.

I have officially been sick for forever now. I cannot stop coughing and I'm very tired since I can't sleep easily at night (coughing!). Its sometimes hard to breathe easily too (coughing!) and I find myself wheezing. My abs have gotten a workout though (coughing!) so at least that's a sort-of good thing. I'm ready for this to be done!

Good news for today though - my apartment gives the appearance of being clean! (And some of it really IS clean - just need to get to the spaces not visible to the unobservant eye). (o: AND... I have a delicious pie to eat.

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  1. The pie looks great! And I hope you feel better soon. Pie will help, right?