Tuesday, July 19, 2011

VBS Fun!

Day two of "Pandamanium" vacation Bible school is over! So far, Jungle Crafts has been fun and successful. Here are pictures of the crafts we will be making this week:

Day 1: Picture frame, day 2: panda prayer jar, day 3: jonah and the whale game (whew we'll see how it goes tomorrow!), day 4: salvation necklace and bracelet, day 5: gift box for sharing God's gift of love with others. (o:

Not the most flattering shot of the craft lady, but hey! It was like 100 degrees in that room and I don't need to dress up for the kids. (o: Thanks, Dan!

Some pictures of Dan's birthday breakfast (nope- no tiny pancakes with a candle in them! sorry!). I think he enjoyed it without the candle anyway. 
 Yummy eggs, toast and bacon! Dan enjoyed a whole day of golf on his real birthday (monday), so I really didn't get to see him much except for breakfast and late evening. So we decided to do something extra today to celebrate.
Today after VBS we went out for sushi (Dan's choice!) and it was quite delicious! I had no idea what I ordered, but it was yummy. Then we wandered around Hobby Lobby (Linnea, we HAVE to go there next time you're up!) and looked at all the fun stuff they have there. After that we finished up some VBS prep stuff and went out for ice cream.

What a great day!

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