Monday, July 18, 2011

Been A While!

July has been SUPER busy!!! So here's the low-down on what we've been up to!

We started off with our friends' wedding on July 2nd. (Congrats, Samantha and Luke!) Dan and I were both in the wedding party, so it was a ton of fun. The lakeside ceremony and reception were beautiful and the whole day went off without a hitch! The bride and groom said their I do's beneath the beaming (and HOT!) sunshine, which made it even more perfect when the Lugia's ice cream truck arrived! What a perfect idea for a relaxed summer wedding- good thinking, Skuras!

As soon as the couple left the reception, we cleaned up, loaded the car, drove home, unloaded the car, hopped into another loaded car and headed to PA! We arrived at Dan's parents' house around... midnight (???) and woke up the next day to go to church and then celebrate Linnea's birthday and Gretchen's send-off to her missions trip. That was July 3rd.

On July 4th we celebrated the holiday by riding all the way to Delta Lake Bible Conference Center, where family camp was just getting started. We enjoyed the week thoroughly and got to see friends that we haven't seen in a while. Over the course of the week we had some close encounters with skunks (we know two were caught, but suspect that there was at least one more!), visited with my very adorably pregnant former roommate and her husband, got a chance to see the Ellwoods (including their brand new baby boy, Eli!), and went on an exciting water-tubing adventure during which I lost my wedding rings in the lake. I cried for three days and felt very terrible and irresponsible, but am now ok and looking forward to finding adequate replacements. Every night we enjoyed the amazing John Stumbo who spoke about his near-death experience and how it drew him closer to God, sat around the campfire and sang to the guitar, and enjoyed each other's company. Every morning we woke up to the sound of the annoying crows (and the guy who yelled "shut up" at them), braved the nasty bathhouse for a shower, and listened to our friend Michael speak in the Youth Tabernacle. Of course, we enjoyed a few Delta milkshakes while we were there too. (o:

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I have from family camp!

 I worked the entire week following camp, sometimes twice a day! And that brings us to this week: Vacation Bible School. I am the craft lady and Dan is the Bible Story Guy/Games Man. Today went very well - I think the rest of the week will go well too! Going to be a tiring week though!

Today is also Daniel's birthday! He took today to relax and go golfing, so I haven't seen him since 7:00 this morning. Can't wait to see him tonight - maybe we'll do something spontaneous. (o: He is now 24 - happy birthday, sweetie!

Next week, after VBS is over, we head back to Delta Lake to be camp counselors for Senior High youth camp! Niether of us has done this before, so pray that we do things the way we're supposed to and pray that we know how God is working in the lives of our campers and how we can best guide them and be there for them. Be assured that I will post about our adventures as counselors!

That brings us all the way to August! Hopefully, the only huge event that August brings is a garage sale (please! I have tons of garage sale boxes in my livingroom that need to go!). And Dan will begin school and I will continue to look for teaching/subbing jobs. We've had a very exciting and fun summer, but we are very unsure of what the fall looks like for us still (jobs, mostly). Thank you all for your continued prayers as we seek full-time employment.

Well, my time here in the computer lab at Roberts should be ending soon, as it is beginning to look like rain and I walked here from the apartment. Who knows when I'll post next - our internet has been out the last few days and the cable guy said he hopes that someone can come out tomorrow and take a closer look at the problem. (o: 

By the way, my blog title and URL have changed - I am no longer "good lookin cookin" since this blog is more about our daily adventures than about food. (o: Hope you can all adjust, as I am! I'll be sure to let you know how VBS goes this week, complete with pictures.

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