Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pie Fail...

So I have been a "Mrs. Landin" for almost two years now - and let's just say as any other Mrs. Landin knows, culinary skill runs in the name! Usually I have no problem trying new recipes and cooking/baking ideas. However....

Enter, the dreaded pie. Why on earth this is the most difficult thing for me - I have no idea. I have successfully made pies in the past - in fact, I'm happy to report that my strawberry/apple pie resulted in good reviews at my best friend's engagement party. But I have zero consistency with this baked wonder, and today is PROOF that Grandma Landin will always wear the Pie-Making Crown.

Dan has been away in Pennsylvania off and on for the last two weeks and needless to say, I've really missed him! So today as he traveled back home, I was excited and wanted to make him a special treat: Peach berry pie.

Grandma Landin's pie (as said before) is simply amazing. And the good news is: I have her pie crust recipe! The bad news: I still can't make it like her! I followed the recipe exactly, and there was no way that I could roll it out without it crumbling in my hands. Sadly, I threw out the batch... (Pie fail part 1)

So I found an identical recipe that adds more water and an egg white. Success! I was able to get a consistency that allowed me to roll it out and make a smooth crust. Another fun thing I wanted to try: my new King Arthur Flour pie making stuff!
We've gotten a lot of stuff in the mail recently. Shown here, along with a tiny blender and tent seam sealer, are the things I ordered for pie-making! Crust protector shields and a lattice pie top cutter.
Well, I used the lattice pie top cutter, which didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped (the tiny pieces of pie crust didn't cut all the way through and I had to knife them out!) and I forgot completely to use the crust shield. Here's the end result:
Looks like it has potential, right???

Wrong. It burnt on the outside, drooped in the middle, and was completely soupy and doughy on the inside...

How disappointing...

For some reason, Dan still liked it...

... and cleaned his bowl.
Sigh. I suppose I am my own worst judge. But really???? Soupy pie? Not happy!

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