Sunday, June 19, 2011

Be a blogger!

I know this blog isn’t extremely interesting – it’s basically just a collection of my thoughts and some blurry pictures of our recent adventures – but it has provided me with a sort of journaling outlet. Even if no one enjoyed reading what I write, I would still do it simply because by getting my thoughts into writing, somehow I feel that I have taken things off of my shoulders and can move on to what’s next. I have also recently been journaling as I do my devotions in the mornings. I have found that writing down my prayers and thoughts about the passages I am reading helps me to better organize my thinking and make sense of what God is telling me (and make sense of what I want to express to him!). Bottom line: journaling is something that I have grown to like and maybe even love. And blogging got me started.

I know a few people have mentioned to me that they like reading my blog and are wondering “how do you do that?!” so I am here to show you how we can be blogging buddies! I suppose in the process of me telling you how to get started, I’ll update the look of my own blog. (o:

1. First things first: what do you want to write about??? Give it some good thought before you start. Or don’t, and just make your blog a fun hodge-podge of things like mine is. What will you call your blog? I know mine is called Good Lookin Cookin because I had intentions to turn it into some fabulous culinary site with photos of delicious meals and baked goods, but it has evolved into more of a what’s-happening-with-the-Landin's page for friends and family. Perhaps I’ll re-title my blog today. (o:

2. If you don’t already have a Gmail email account, you should create one to use for signing in. It’s easy and, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to use it! I have 5 different email addresses, but that doesn’t mean I use them all - most of them are where I send all my junk emails.

3. Once you have your email account and you have your ideas together, go to this site, ( click on “Get started” under the text “Don’t have a Google Account?” and from there it is quite self-explanatory.

There are other blog providers out there, but I haven’t really wanted to try them since Blogger is so easy for me to use and because it allows me to connect with other family members and friends who have blogs.

With a blog of your own you can enjoy journaling like I have – plus you can easily share with family and friends. AND if you do become a blogger, make sure you tell me and we can leave each other comments! How fun!

Here are some example blogs that I stumbled upon to show you what kinds of things people blog about:


  1. I enjoy reading what you write. :)
    <3 Jo

  2. I love the blog re-do! It looks great :o) The leafy pattern reminds me of your new bedroom set... and I love that picture of you two.