Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Update

May 29th, 2011 002 by landin_stephanie
May 29th, 2011 002, a photo by landin_stephanie on Flickr.
Dan and I looking summery on a beautiful 80-degree day. (o:

I know I haven't been writing a lot lately. School has ended (yay! graduation!) and we have passed our first major wedding rush of the summer (Congratulations Matt and April and Matt and Miki!!!) and are now looking forward to camping and road trip season. (o:

But first, cleaning. Tomorrow is Memorial Day, which equals a day off for everyone, which equals the perfect opportunity to arise early and spend a delicious 12-14 hours of sorting, packing, unpacking, scrubbing, folding, tossing, sweeping, dusting, washing, and rocking out to my computer tunes. Perhaps a break can be had to bake something delicious. Perhaps a few of those hours can be spent as a date with my hubby instead of scrubbing. We'll see!

Some pictures of our latest adventures:
New bedspread and pillows - a little cooler than the thick comforter we had!

This year's first flowers- pretty crocuses that I forgot to post earlier.

Yummy fried eggplant - Dan liked it too!

Not sure why this is blurry- possibly because I stole it from facebook without really saving it from the original photo. Hmm... Anyways- this is us at Matt and April's wedding. What a perfect day!

Graduation! Teaching positions: be aware that I am fully ready and anxious to fill you!

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  1. Your bed looks so great!! Hooray for new comforters! pretty. just like you.