Sunday, May 8, 2011

Marvelous May...

And so begins the rest of my life...

Ok, so I just needed to say that because graduation was yesterday and I at least needed one sappy line commemorating the event... :-)

But really, I am beginning the rest of my life - so let's at least start fresh, clean, and motivated. Today's first sign that spring cleaning fever and summer workout determination is on its way: I cleaned out our refrigerator AND took a half hour power walk tonight. Hoping to take my new-found school-free freedom and form some new GOOD habits - keeping things tidy and taking care of myself and my husband in the "healthy lifestyle" department seem to be on the top of my list (that is, right after "find job now").

Tomorrow is full of working (double shift), but I'm determined to also fit in some deep cleaning in my bathroom and another wonderful power walk around the neighborhood! Let's hope the weather holds out!

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