Saturday, March 26, 2011

Start over!

Hello my blog readers!

It finally feels like spring is coming (didn't that officially start about a week ago?) and I'm getting the urge to start over in so many areas of my life - kinda like a giant spring cleaning fest!

This includes a spring cleaning in my apartment (typical), a spring cleaning in my diet (necessary), a spring cleaning in my work and workspace (please!), and a spring cleaning in my soul.

However, I need to remember that it's not about doing doing doing... it's about leaning on someone who always gets things right and involving Him in every decision and step (or leap!) of faith. Priorities. I want to make none except to live a Christ-filled life. Under that one simple priority, I can accomplish so much without feelings of guilt or failure for the things I push to tomorrow's schedule.

A devotional that I've been meaning to put on here for you all to read:

"When I was prosperous, I said, 'Nothing can stop me now!' Your favor, O Lord, made me secure as a mountain. Then you turned away from me, and I was shattered." - Psalm 30:6-7

"Just when I'm feeling all secure, like I'm God's best friend, an earthquake splits that lofty mountain right down the middle. And boy, am I dismayed. I have a feeling we can never get so secure in ourselves that we cannot be moved.

Can a rock ever move forward

Maybe I just get bored easily. I'm forever wanting to go someplace with God. I forget that in order to really want to go, something has to happen to make me want to leave where I am. Maybe we're all just sick to death of taking three steps forward and two steps back. Call me a math wizard, but isn't that still one step forward? Isn't that still some pretty big progress as we run against hurricane winds of a godless culture? And if we don't lose that ground, aren't we on our way somewhere new?

Willing to take three more steps - even if we lose two?"  

(from Beth Moore's book: The Promise of Security)

Seems like a lot of things that have been happening lately are those "things that need to happen so I want to leave where I am." Haha! I am still wanting to stay put for fear that moving is going to be hard. Trusting in Him, I'm taking some steps.... even if it means this rock needs to get up out of it's comfortable spot in the ground and let God carry me to where he wants. Security? Yes please! But I don't want my own security - I want His.

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