Friday, February 25, 2011

Winter Blahs

Ok, I think we all need this picture right now... Beating the winter blahs requires positive thinking: SUMMER IS IN FACT COMING - in fact, we're only 95 days away from June! Keep those spirits up!

We woke up this morning and were both in awe and sick to our stomachs when we looked out the window: basically blizzard conditions. White blankets gorgeously blanketed the ground and soft white flakes tumbled down from the sky - a beautiful sight to see! Now, let's be realistic - it's the end of February and we're sick of snow. And the snow here in our beloved city doesn't fall gently to the ground, oh no. The snow instead flies sideways, sticking to the windows that are on the wind-receiving side of the house. Or to all sides of the house. Our driveway is completely uninviting, as is the idea of cleaning off my car later today to go to work... But hey! Summer is coming, slowly but surely (right? it's still coming right?). I'm realizing more and more that "winter" can be just as much a mindset as it is a season. So I'm taking my life back from "winter" and beating the blahs! Who's with me? Just because it's cold outside doesn't mean I need to be cranky and listless - I'm going to find ways to bring spring and summer indoors so that outside can't control my attitude! Ideas anyone?

So... I have not posted on this blog in quite some time! That is NOT to say that life has been boring and there has been nothing worth posting about. In fact, quite the opposite is probably true.

I am finishing a week-long break from student teaching - on Monday I'll return to the classroom for my 6th week at my first placement, which will be considered my "solo week." This seems daunting but really I am really thinking nothing of it since I have already been doing most of the teaching in my class lately. It's hard to believe that I have only two weeks left of this placement before I will head into my second placement. I've had a great experience in my special education placement and I will miss my master teacher and her students when I have to leave. It IS relieving to know that my semester is about half-way over now though and I welcome graduation to come as soon as possible.

I realize that my last post said that there would be some good recipes in my future... well here are some of them:

Chinese food once again - this time Dan and I made homemade egg rolls! He is very proud of his egg-roll making abilities, so please do acknowledge that the egg rolls you see here are his handiwork. (o:

An impromptu Valentines Day dinner prepared on February 14th for my wonderful hubby. Bacon-wrapped chicken with stuffing and veggies. Yum! And so easy!

Just a regular day's meal - yummy Italian sausages on a hamburger bun with colby cheese and waffle fries.

Gotta love cheesy chili in this cold weather! And the mini cornbread muffins made it even more fun to eat. (o:

In an effort to beat the winter blahs this week, I'm going to plant daffodils indoors! I planted my amaryllis in late January and it has come and gone so quickly that I need to find a way to have some more flowery fun indoors. Dan and I really enjoyed it while it lasted:

Dan also took this pretty picture of some cute birds on the tree outside our window... I guess not every part of winter has to be so blah after all...

But still...  Google images and I leave you with this.... NINETY FIVE DAYS TILL JUNE!!!!!! 

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