Monday, January 17, 2011

Sit back and relax....

Monday... my last Monday of this semester that I have to myself. (o: Tomorrow brings the beginning of my busy semester. I figured I might as well take today to sit back and relax... for the most part.

I made myself some chocolate chip pecan cookies last night and am now enjoying them with some delicious tea.

Other than sitting back, I have been cleaning my brains out. I have this theory that if I start with a really clean apartment, and make myself stick to a cleaning schedule for this semester, I will be able to keep up with it. 

Same goes for cooking (andddd grocery shopping). I have it all planned out that if I plan out my week's menu on Friday nights, go grocery shopping for only what I need on Saturdays, and proceed to make ahead and freeze as much as possible, I will be able to become super-wife. 

We'll see how this all goes. Anyone have any helpful tips or suggestions?


  1. 1. No wife can be superwife all the time. Not possible.
    2. you have a pretty excellent start on this sememster. What great organization!
    3. I will be available when things fall apart and you need another (not so super, but trying to be) wife to talk to!
    4. I am happy you're enjoying your daffodil mug
    5. I love the cookies you shared with me! I I let him have any! :o)

  2. Well sounds like you are off to a great start! Call me if you need organizing tips...we all know i'm an obsessive expert!