Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Me!

Last January doesn't seem so long ago, does it?  And come to think of it, the resolutions I made last year seem to be exactly the same as the ones I am re-making for this year.  Only now, I'm adding a resolution to the list: blogging.

Seriously? Did I really set up a blog only to post once a month?

What I really want is this - accountability. My resolutions may be met more easily if I keep myself accountable through posting my progress for my friends and family to see. So here goes:

1. Grades = 4.0 please
         Shouldn't be too hard for me seeing how I have only one real class and then student teaching. And also since I've obtained or come extremely close to a 4.0 every semester so far, why should this semester be different? Roberts should view this post and re-think the level of difficulty for undergrad education majors.

2. Money = save it please!
          I just downloaded an amazing savings tracker from (LOVE this blog!!!) and I am sticking to my budget for groceries each month! Yes, stephanie, this includes everything. And of course, I'm the queen of all coupons.

3. Morning time = peaceful time with Jesus please!
          Especially this coming semester as I step into a special education classroom and need both patience and guidance from God. Lord, help me to fall in love with this part of my day and not rush through to get to other things!

4. Eating healthy and exercise = finding balance please!
          It's not that I hate these things. I actually quite enjoy cooking healthy meals (and making them look pretty) and hitting the eliptical. I just need to prioritize so that these things are near the top (instead of watching glee and reading blogs in the evenings).

5. Blogging = accountability please!
          Ok, really this goal is more focused on staying in touch with myself and with family and friends. Blogging will help me collect my thoughts and also keep me connected with family who might enjoy knowing what is going on with those two college kids who live so far away from home. Plus, I may just stick to these resolutions if I keep revisiting them!

Well, now you all know and are given the permission to pester me to see if I'm sticking to my plan!

I leave you with this:

Dan and I used some of our Christmas money from grandparents to purchase a new camera! It's not the most amazing camera in the world, but it is a billion times better than the one we have - and fits within our price range! I can't wait to start taking tons of pictures and posting them on here for you all to see!

See the listing at tiger direct here:    
Our new camera!

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  1. What a great blog! I will keep you on your toes hehehe! I will miss you next semester when you are out there student teaching and I will be thinking of you too! I hope it is a wonderful experience for you! Love you! - Stephanie Lotta