Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh Lonely Weekend...

This morning my hubby left to coach the golf team while they are at a tournament in Ohio for the weekend. So that means I have the apartment to myself - my lonesome self - and of course means that I can have my friend Samantha over and have a girls night! (This automatically means that we are going to cook something...) I am thinking that it would be fabulous to have an appetizer night- seeing how I am officially addicted to Target and bought lots of new serving plates and bowls that I can't wait to use (hey! I legitimately needed them!). See? Aren't they fab??

By the way I also needed the canisters and the clothes. (o:
Yesterday morning I made french toast - it was really yummy! This was enough for two pieces each: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk, a touch of both nutmeg and vanilla - all whisked together. Soak the pieces of bread on each side and fry in a nicely buttered pan. Make sure you leave them in the frying pan long enough! The last one I made had all the extra egg in it and I didn't leave it on long enough for it to get to the egg in the middle! )o: Anyways- here it is!

Well, I will keep you all posted on whether I have a wild girls cooking night or not- right now I should probably get out of my PJ's and into my regular schedule! Be back soon!


  1. I LOVE your new dinner ware AND canisters. So shiny and new. Do they make your food taste even better?

  2. I'll tell you after I have fun trying them out this weekend!! Can't wait! (o: