Monday, February 18, 2013

Life Update in Pictures

 The time has flown by and Isaac is already past one month and halfway through another! Since I haven't kept up with updates on here in a few weeks, let me just share some of our favorite photos and the memories attached to them to help catch you all up!
 Isaac had an absolutely fantastic first month! I have to say, he makes us proud. (o: On his one month birthday, Isaac had a Dr. appointment, where he astounded us with a weigh-in of 10 pounds, 4 ounces and growth of a whole inch in length! He is such a happy baby and let me tell you- this kid's got personality!
 Lots of people have tried to tell us who they think he looks like. I personally have a hard time seeing myself in Isaac, but people have said they do. I can't help but just see a tiny Daniel - such a cutie pie! I will say though, he does have mommy's eyes for sure!
I have always looked forward to dressing up a baby girl someday, but I have to admit it has been a blast dressing Isaac up for church and other fun occasions! Gotta love the little old man look! And he is growing right out of so many cute clothes - we have to wear them fast! Goodbye newborn sized clothes and hello 0-3 month clothes!

 Isaac has turned into a sleeping machine at night. He doesn't always have a perfect night, but he lets mommy and daddy get plenty of sleep usually! For the last few days he has slept for 6 hour stretches! 

 Look at that cheek chub! Gotta love it.

 Isaac has tried tummy time many times, but his favorite thing is lying on his back. See, when you're on your tummy there isn't anything fun to look at! He LOVES lights. His favorite things to look at are the picture frames on the walls, the bright sunny windows, and our floor lamps! More and more he is getting interested in the toys on his floor gym. He has also started to melt our hearts with lots of smiley and giggly eye contact!

 Isaac had his first Valentines Day! He even got his daddy a card! This cute bib is from his Nana. (o:

 We're at the 6 week mark now and Isaac is in cloth diapers! It has been going very well - we love how cute he looks in them and it sure feels great to not be spending so much money on the disposables (though they are definitely still around for when its more convenient!). Now to get a place with our own laundry hookups!

 Just another adorable outfit picture! Thanks Aunt Linnea for making this for me! (o:

This is going back to Isaac at 12 days old, but we can finally share some of the images of Isaac's photo session with Casey McGaffick Photography. She did an amazing job and we love all his pictures! Hard to believe the time has gone by so fast already...

Isaac, you amaze us every day. We love you so much! We thank God for blessing us with you!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Weeks (o:

Happy two weeks birthday, Isaac!

In two weeks, you've shown us that you are even more amazing than we anticipated. You are alert and happy and healthy. You manage to sleep well (well enough, that is) at night and eat well enough to be well past your birth weight already. You have the world's most beautiful eyes. You keep mommy and daddy surprised. Your mommy and daddy can't stop laughing at how cute you are and at how funny your facial expressions are. Sometimes we even laugh because the way you are crying is cute. (Who would have guessed we'd do that?!) You've made it to Walmart and back. Twice. You've made it through a whole package of diapers. Twice. And today you took your first bottle of breastmilk like a champ! You smile all the time. I swear they are real smiles too. You pooped and peed all over daddy at your photography session (thanks for only getting a tiny spot on mommy!). By the way - the photographer was quite impressed with your behavior that day, saying you were "the best newborn session, I swear!" You rock. You slept through church like a rockstar! You also slept through praise team and choir practice so mommy and daddy could sing. You fall asleep in the carseat almost immediately. You let mommy cut your nails with relative ease (I only very slightly nipped one!). You single-handedly have taken over our lives. You have a 100% success rate of making it worth getting up each time at night with you. You make us feel like we did something very right. You make us feel proud. You help us to better understand the kind of love our parents have for us. You help us understand God's love better. And you look cute doing it. You have the ability to make mommy cry with joy just by thinking about you. You are a miracle. And we love you so so so so much. <3

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome, baby Isaac!

The story of Isaac in the Bible is quite.... dramatic if you ask me. Hello - Abraham and Sarah are super old and have this tiny bundle of joy only to later be asked to sacrifice him on an alter... but then at the last second as Abraham is about to go through with it God provides a way out and Isaac is saved. Yep. Dramatic.

Well, I can relate. On a much smaller scale of course. Dan and I had been very anxiously awaiting our son's arrival... and waiting... and waiting... and finally the day came for an appointment. 

My due date was Sunday, December 30th, 2012 - which came and went with no signs of our baby coming at all. How disappointing! Then Monday... then Tuesday... then Wednesday we had the appointment. Nope - no signs of him coming still. So we went to the hospital on Thursday night in order to see if we could "get things started a bit." They had me on antibiotics because I had tested positive as a carrier for Group B strep at a previous appointment (that was also a scary thing) and also started me on Cervidil for the evening and had me stay the night. In the morning, I had made minimal progress - very small contractions that really just felt like cramps and no dilation. So Friday morning they started the Pitocin. (I SO didn't want Pitocin). Dan and I spent the entire day at the hospital on this stuff, antibiotics, and fluids. My family came to visit and we played cards... I suppose it went fine. But the contractions only got slightly more uncomfortable and I only made it to 1 cm by the end of the day. Sigh. They stopped the Pitocin and let me rest at the hospital again overnight.

Saturday - day two of Pitocin (remember? I SOOOO didn't want Pitocin!!!). This was the real day of misery. First they broke my water to see if that would also aid in getting things started, then they began the Pit again. I began to contract more regularly and with increasing intensity - which was horrible but great at the same time. I wanted to have our baby soon! I had been waiting and waiting and waiting for him and things just weren't happening. Mid-way through the day, the nurses came to check in with me and realized that the fluid that was leaking from the breaking of my water was greenish brown. My baby had been living in his own feces for at least a few days. I was scared that he would be born with an infection or with trouble breathing. They said they would be careful about monitoring him.

Saturday went on and well, the contractions were getting so painful I started thinking "this has got to be it! I have to be at least 7 cms by now - this HAS to be transition time!" I think I could have broken Dan's fingers right off of his hands for about 4 hours that day. 

My doctor came in to check me, and LO AND BEHOLD.... I was only 2 cms dilated and in so much pain. I was so disappointed and so exhausted and really I just cried because it was getting so ridiculous. I wanted a natural childbirth - wanted to go without drugs and everything. And so far - after 48 hours of being at the hospital - I had stuck to that plan and had been a trooper for trying. But it just wasn't happening.

The midwife suggested that perhaps my body could use some relaxation - it could be that if I had some pain medicine I would progress a little just from not being so tense. This isn't what I wanted, but then again - I didn't want two days of labor either. So they gave me something (I don't even remember what) that made it so I could feel the contractions but I didn't care about them really. It was the oddest sensation - I felt like I was dreaming about the whole experience. You can ask Dan what kind of crazy strange things I said. After they checked me again - the drug had made no difference in my progress and my contractions were still very painful (though somehow I cared less). So they went ahead and did an epidural (remember the Pitocin and how I didn't want that? Multiply that by 10 and thats how much I didn't want an epidural!). At this point, the epidural was my last option for a vaginal delivery. The epidural did wonders for the pain of contractions. It felt like I wasn't having them at all! I was scared that I just ruined all progress. I felt so sleepy and numb. I hate feeling like I have no control over my body. Well, the epidural didn't move things along either. I was essentially stuck at 2 cms and involuntarily pounding my baby boy into my pelvis.

Time for a C-section. Forget about not wanting Pitocin. Forget about not wanting an epidural. A C-section? That is the one thing I just hadn't even considered as a possibility! My pregnancy had been so healthy, my baby had always been exactly on track, everything had been normal if not 'excellent.' Why was this happening? But I trusted my Drs and we went ahead and signed the paperwork. Within an hour, I was whisked away into the operating room with my hubby at my side and very very shortly after I met and kissed and cried with joy over my beautiful son.

Isaac Daniel was born via C-section on Saturday, January 5th, 2013 weighing 7 lbs, 9 ounces and measuring 20 1/2 inches long. He came out loudly - no problems with those lungs at all! He came out blue, but pinked up after given some oxygen. He came out. Finally! And dramatically.

Dan and I had debated what name to give our baby for a long time. We didn't even know for sure until the day he was born that he would be Isaac. Abraham and Sarah longed for their baby Isaac and waited and waited for him. Abraham was asked to give his son completely to his God, and he would have even made a sacrifice out of his faithfulness to God. Our birth story with Isaac has proven that God is in control, that even if we don't understand why things are happening - God does and will provide a way out. Isaac means "He will Laugh." And we cannot wait to hear him do so! He has brought us so much joy already. (o: 

Welcome, baby Isaac!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Baby Bucket List (o:

After reading a recent post on my sister-in-law's blog, I decided to create my own "to do" list for preparing for our little guy to come! She had some great ideas that I will promptly steal and add on to. (Thanks!)

Before the fun list starts though, I've got to be practical. The list of things that NEED to happen (and as quickly as possible in my book!) are as follows:

1. Obtain permanent living headquarters. AKA get into that house as soon as possible! I'm in my 6th month of pregnancy now and that means nesting mode is in full blast. Which is a need that is difficult for me to satisfy at this point because there is no nest to be preparing at the moment. I just want to tackle a billion painting, organizing, revamping, cleaning, and baby-proofing projects all at once! Which brings me to the next thing on the list...
2. ... Moving! And cleaning, and getting things in place, and starting a nursery, and buying new decorations and home-living essentials and getting into some sort of daily routine...
3. But first - I need my mind to focus on something I CAN do while I'm waiting, which is school. I'm done on October 9th (hallelujah!), but wouldn't it be nice if my assignments were done even sooner???? I wish my nesting urges could be directly channeled into homework-accomplishing urges. If I can focus, I can get things done ahead of time. If I focus. And if I stay focused. With a focused state of mind.

Ok, on to more fun things I want to accomplish before our little peanut arrives (speaking of staying focused):

1. Slip-covers for our living room furniture, yes?
2. Work on and hopefully finish a Shutterfly wedding album (WHICH i started about 3 years ago...)
3. A valence for the kitchen and a valence for the baby's room
4. (Stolen from Linnea's blog) Christmas preparations! Including making/buying all the gifts possible and preparing baked goods which can be frozen in my wonderful in-laws' giant freezer until we acquire freezer space of our own (o:
5. Speaking of freezers- I'd like to find an upright or chest freezer on craigslist or in the classifieds for when we have our own place again.
6. (Also stolen) Freezing some meals for the crazy baby-loving days ahead this winter!
7. Saving, saving, saving our monies and doing lots of researched looking to be able to buy a new vehicle this fall.
8. Enjoying all the new fall ministries that Dan and I are jumping into this coming week!
9. APPLE SEASON! Making applesauce and apple pies!
10. Three of the four amazing baby showers that wonderful people are throwing for me - can't wait! (The fourth one will be after baby comes - looking forward to that one too!)

There are probably a million more things I could add to the list, but I'm thinking that 10 is a decently manageable number.

Baby is growing nicely and continues to show his health in sonograms and in his monthly check-ups (I had one this morning and all is great!). Love hearing that heartbeat. And I'm loving that I can feel him move every day. Sweetheart, I can't wait to actually meet you, but in the meantime I suppose I can be content with all the preparations it takes to get ready for your arrival! Love you!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thought this was so cute! Can't wait to meet our little snow baby!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Lists and Listlessness

It has been hard for me to stay patient lately....

1. Living with my in-laws for the past month and a half has truly been a blessing, but not a day goes by without me thinking about and dreaming about moving into a new place of our own. I feel an overwhelming need to get into the house that the church wants to provide for us and start getting it fixed up and ready! Call it nesting, call it normal wifely responsibility calling - I call it... hard to wait for!

2. School. I am in my last semester of my Master's degree. PTL!!! However, these last few weeks seem to be passing more slowly than ever! October 9th cannot come fast enough! I'm very anxious to be done and to feel like I can move on to the next thing- maybe even a stay-at-home position that is related to my degree in Instructional Tech and Design? I've been communicating on and off with a few people who may have something available for me to do from home - how great would that be with the baby on the way?

3. Speaking of babies... I'm BARELY over the half-way point in my pregnancy, but I already want him to be here!!!! Nevermind that we aren't settled in anywhere... nevermind that I don't have most of the required supplies yet... nevermind that I'm still busy with school and getting into Dan's new position at the church.... I simply can't wait to hold him and see Dan snuggling him!

Planning and wishing has been helping with all these things. You know me- I'm a crazy list person. So I'm listing everything that needs to be done today and listing everything we will need for the baby and listing things that I plan to tackle once we (hopefully) move into the house and listing all the homework I still have left to do and listing.... just about everything possible. My baby registry is all set. I can't think of anything I still need to put on it! My plans for how I hope to tackle the house remodeling are pretty set. And we don't even know for sure what is happening with that yet! My plans for doing homework include: filling up most of my spare time lately (which, there has been quite a bit of it) with finishing homework and doing it very well. But who wants to do homework with all their spare time? Not this lady.

It's just a time of waiting for me right now. God is using this time to stretch me and draw me to Him. I need to let go of worry and anxiousness and just be still. After all- in a short time I'll be extremely busy again and wishing I had all this spare time!

I leave you with another list. Of good waiting-for-baby thoughts!

 BabyFruit Ticker
1. Our baby is the size of a banana. (o:

2. Here's our baby website - check it out! There are some great sonogram pictures on there!

3. I'm feeling him move every day now!

4. I'm 21 weeks and 1 day into the pregnancy - over halfway done (o:

5. I have slowed down my sick days to about one every 2 weeks now (yayyy!!!!!)

6. Baby weighs almost a pound already - but he's starting to pack it on from here on out!

7. Baby is a boy! And we are so excited because he will have several boy cousins his age when he arrives!

8. I have new maternity clothes coming in the mail soon. (o:

9. I have four baby showers coming up!!!! FOUR! It's going to be so much fun!

10. Every day I see Dan becoming more and more of the wonderful father I always knew he would be. I love you, hubby!

Just thought of something else I'm anxious for.... autumn!!!! That will be another post....